Systems and Data

High Performance IP Operations Through Technology

Systems and data are the foundation of high performing IP operations. We continuously research the latest advances to identify where we can improve efficiency and drive down costs across the IP lifecycle. We provide our clients with unique expertise in selecting, implementing and running IP technologies. We provide direct support to client IP teams to enhance and deepen the capabilities that deliver sustainable, significant value.

System Administration

Supporting IP systems requires a unique combination of technical knowledge and IP process understanding. Our direct, hands-on experience with nearly every IP system, together with our operations experience, allows us to ensure your IP system is delivering value to all stakeholders.

Data Validation

Data quality is often the biggest challenge facing most systems. We work with clients to fix data issues, and implement processes to ensure continued accuracy. Through our partnerships with leading IP data providers, we are able to cost-effectively source original PTO data, as well as custom tailor data from third party sources.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

The evolution of IP reporting from simple lists to advanced analytics and business intelligence offers the promise of deeper insights, better decision making, and improved visibility to stakeholders. Using our proprietary processes, templates, and toolset, we enable clients to tap into the latest in BI, accessible through their own systems or our HeliosCompleteā„¢ dashboards.

Workflow Automation

Removing manual steps and resource intensive but low value processes is critical to achieving cost-effective operations. The availability of advanced technologies, including rule-based workflow, machine learning and AI, are beginning to demonstrate promise in improving IP management. We work with clients to design and deploy automation that balances technology capabilities and the need for human-centric knowledge work.