IP Legal Services

An Innovative New Approach to IP Legal Services

Helios is at the forefront of new approaches to procurement and portfolio development. Our focus is on matching highly skilled IP professionals to IP owners seeking greater value from their partners. Leveraging our expertise in IP operations, we work with attorneys, agents and corporate clients to develop adapted work arrangements that reduce the inherent inefficiencies of the traditional law firm model. Our extensive network of over 80 firms and local agents provides a global reach to meet client requirements across geographies, industries and IP types. Through our Global IP Attorneys community we are continuously building high value relationship with both IP legal service providers and corporate clients. Contact us for additional information about becoming a part of the Helios IP Services movement.

Patent and Trademark Drafting

Creating business value starts with prioritizing investment across new filing opportunities. Not all ideas are created equal. Our multi-faceted drafting approach allows clients to strike the right balance between their budget and portfolio development goals.

Global Application Filing

Executing global filings can be complex , expensive and opaque. We work with clients to create filing a process that is efficient and cost effective. We manage all filing formalities, working with foreign associates to ensure control and transparency.

Prosecution Management

High performance portfolio development balances quality and cost. Our approach uses a network of approved counsel that match technical expertise and competitive pricing. We mange the full prosecution lifecycle that eliminates costly filing fees and surcharges .

Appeals and Post Grant

Appeals and post-grant proceedings are a critical part of patent development. From IPRs to oppositions we support clients in all aspects of the process including monitoring, strategy, and outside counsel coordination.