IP Operations Consulting

We Help Achieve IP Operations Excellence

With over 20 years in IP operations, our Helios IP consulting group marries hands-on work experience with the latest thinking in business process and management consulting. We work with both law firms and corporate IP departments to address their most pressing challenges. From strategic to tactical, we bring pragmatic solutions based on our expertise and insights gained from leading IP operations and industry best practices.


We support IP teams think through their most challenging issues. From portfolio development through commercialization, our team of IP industry thought leaders are able to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to drive improved value.


We work with clients to design, build and manage their IP teams. Our real world experience allows us to offer unique expertise in creating the proper organization structures, finding proper talent, and instituting skills development programs that create successful operations.


Developing efficient operations requires well-designed processes that support the IP team’s goals and objectives. Combining our deep experience with industry best practices, we work with clients to develop process management across all aspects of IP, including standard operating procedures, metrics and reporting.


Our technology consulting combines industry knowledge with technical expertise that enables clients to successfully implement IP solutions. From requirements, through selection, design and implementation, we help guide clients to make effective decisions and positive ROIs on important technology investments.